Imagine a world where love is the only thing that holds true worth, the value of love is immeasurable and this beautiful feeling was recognized for what it is by each and every person, the sole reason for existence.

I always imagined a life with grand opportunity
Even knowing that the truth lives within me
where one thousand men stood at my walls
holding them up until God would call
the oceans would stop at the foot of my door
and i would feel him call, call me for more
i was surrounded by people who felt little worth
because we are each so small in this world of girth
but one by one i built them up
and my heart became the worlds love
for feeling like we have nothing is just not true
because the world has me but more importantly they have you
so as you smile and your days go on
remember the ones who have done you wrong
and though they may need more than just this
know its less important to receive than it is to give
No i am not sitting here, holy as day
i speak only knowing my own mistakes
and life is a beauty as broken as we come
know we each deserve more, we all deserve love.

When you have love secreting from your pores it is easy to feel as though all is lost when that no longer remains. The love still comes just as it did before however when the object of your affection is missing, that love just recklessly spews out leaving nothing but an obvious void. I wonder at times how people carry on, is it because most do not shoulder emotion with such measure? It is not that the loss is so great that it has left me paralyzed but that time itself has become immeasurable and life will likely languish in misery. Not life in its entirety but the glorious wave of sentiment that comes and goes, which is where many of us unwittingly define our lives.

So, as the piano gradually begins I look up at the endlessly setting sun and it shines purity upon my face. Squinting to protect my perspective, I gaze over the tattered rooftops knowing that only my eyes can peer upon this sight to be seen as it will never be this moment again and I am painfully aware it cannot be shared even if that is what I wanted to do. Soon the soft strums of a guitar gently glide in and the sun fully submerges beneath the dangling tree branches and grossly painted apartment buildings. Quickly I am blanketed by the translucent clouds and faint city stars, each one being a reminder that my present is soon to be my past and I am stuck here knowing my past will be my future unless I rise with the sun again tomorrow and choose to set my new day in motion with a purpose. Not the purpose of life, survival or continuation on the same path as each day before like we all seem to be striving for but instead mending the past and overthrowing all that I have accepted as truths and branded into mind as fact. That is when I hear the heavy beat of a drum or possibly my heart pounding against its boney cage, either way I hear it so clearly and evening has somehow drifted to midnight and the shroud of darkness has become my refuge.

Between Winter and Spring.

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I see the color come to focus

And the sunsets burn like bright explosions

I can feel her running in my soul

Though I am stuck here growing cold

I plead with you please take it slow

For I am young but much too old

To be jumping out of speeding cars

And filling up at empty bars

Freedom found comes with a cost

Now never have I felt so lost.

Life is a whirl, Life is the wind

She smiles and dashes, dances and spins

Her legs run off as she slightly grins

And she has washed away my sins


Again, again how I forget

That the life inside it never ends

And to her heart I must just tend

So I can remember, again and again.


Her tiny hands embrace my face

And my past has left a single trace

Though we both lack of simple grace

I know that she is where, I hold my faith.

When darkness fills this wild life

Shatter all the petty lights

And throw them in the air tonight

The stars will shine so damn bright

And we will live just this on life

Filled with love and passing time

I am the sturdy stable ride

But you’re the wild by my side  

So be brave beneath the stars tonight

For if we choose we’ll see the light

Because when darkness fills this life

We will shatter all the petty lights

And throw then in the air tonight

The stars will shine, so damn bright

And we will embrace this wild life. 

Well let’s face it,

I am unwell

But I am well acquainted with this notion

Which you can easily tell

So Fear not for me

Please do not dwell

Rock bottom is my very own personal hell.

Madness is a monster

And my mind just needs some time

While I strip myself,

Myself of all my selfish grime

And the battle is what I live for

So I wont lose my life,

But who’s to say when one will,

Or will not die.

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