Deceiving Distance

“The view from a distance is always more masterful and brilliant than what you find once up close, everything becomes a great deal larger and more overwhelming than ever imagined from afar. All the while the imperfections rapidly become much more apparent and you are stuck wondering how your eyes could have possibly fabricated such perfection from a distance.”

-Naomi Whitacre

8 thoughts on “Deceiving Distance

  1. This is truth at its finest, very thought provoking words, thank you for sharing them.
    If you could possibly give me some feedback on my work it would be much appreciated.

    • Hi there Thompaul,
      Thank you for following my blog and your kind words about my wirting… i am sorry it has taken me a few day to respond as my life is still rushing by me despite the needs of my blog and followers lol. i am going to take a longer look at your work hopefully today if not then most definatly tomorrow and i would be glad to privide some feedback for you. 🙂

  2. and yet, wasn’t it nice to experience that fleeting moment of perfection, so much so that you become addicted to the illusion and push everything or everyone away, never letting yourself get too close for fear of confronting the reality? … your words strike a chord with scenes from my past.

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