My fairy princess walking the streets of downtown seattle on a warm spring evening.


That one soft face in the raging sea of facades we encounter everyday, the one whose eyes are gentle and features are subtle yet they are wrapped in wisdom like a child wrapped in a blanket. It is clear that life has slowly taken its toll, but their ears have become the silver lining in every passing moment. Just one single glance is all it takes to recognize the tenderness that he or she carries with them. I want to open myself like a book and start from the beginning sharing every last moment, memory and word until the story has satisfied their questions with answers and turned their answers to questions again. In return I will lend them my ear, my hand and my shoulder, as it is all I have give,Β though I have learned it is the most genuine of gifts. It is not much more then average nor much less then extraordinary the power we hold within ourselves, because the outlook depends on the eyes in which are receiving it and the ears ability to unmask it.

6 thoughts on “Unmasking.

    • Yes a child is a gift indeed and i do feel truly lucky to have one that is so amazing and continues to grow along side of me. πŸ™‚ thank you for your comment and the follow. πŸ™‚

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