Morals vs. desires

Your haste amazed me…

How you swept in like wind through the dusty plains dashing about with my particles wrapped up in you and twirling me around so elegantly with your words.I was mesmerized surrounded by the mass of your figure, clutching to your every movement and every verse, I could not avert my eyes though I tried. You spoke of opportunity and you spoke of time in the relevant manner, I suppose to ensure my frantic mind of safety but as you went on you became greatly familiar, I was intrigued and frightened to say the least. As your thoughts shifted so did your stance and your impetuosity became clearer and clearer the nearer you became to my eager body. My physical appearance had noticeably taken ahold of your imagination and my mind had found its dear old friend, lunacy. Foolish we were, just gallivanting around exploding with desire, allowing sentiment to grow without any regard for our morals yet still there we were in the moment. I watched as the first sign of cravings filled your eyes, you squinted softly and I could feel the warmth captivate my entire body as my cheeks became flush. Your hands were unusually soft as were the walls I had spent years building. We shared humor and intelligence alike and found trust in one another which is where the battle of morals vs. desires proved to be precarious. You were filling me up and making me plump until I could no longer remember the ache of regret, despite the fact that I knew him oh to well and he weighed heavy on the shoulders of life.

43 thoughts on “Morals vs. desires

  1. You clicked like on one of my posts; thereby introducing your site to me. It’s so much easier to explore sites this way. I’m going to enjoy reading your older posts and receiving new ones. Blessings on your day.

  2. Beautifully written. Between the lines, the storms in the soul..

    A vulnerable moment of the human mind
    Logic pushed into deep momentary oblivion
    A heart craving for the sweet intangible
    Regret, sweeping in, with full force, high tide
    Alone upon the rocks, in the sea of life
    With company, yet lonely, a blurred vision
    The eyes sweep the horizon, hoping
    The last straw, that keeps us alive
    To taste the occasional pleasures
    Of a life, stranded upon unknown shores
    Contemplative waves in meditative rolls
    Wash up on the shores caressing the sands
    As time ticks away in the flow of the wind
    Lost in dreams, swirling in neutral space
    Untouched by tears, untouched by fears
    Songs of pain from suffering souls
    Floating freely, drenching the ocean’s breast
    Ahoy! the call of a soul, echoing in the wind
    The seagull flies, lost in a deep reverie
    The albatross, with its gigantic wings
    Sweeps across the vast endless blue
    In a deep trance, riding the stormy winds
    Ahoy! the call of a soul, echoing in the wind
    A vulnerable moment of the human mind
    Riding the high waves of flaming desire
    A human weakness! The momentary smile
    Replaced now by tears, that drench the night
    And the daylight, gnawing at the fibres
    Of a soul soaked in pain, shining a smile
    For the world to see! All is fine without
    All is pain within, the days draw on
    And the nights, too..we move on

    • Very touching
      blog me back or leave me a comment
      I am a book writer and I have published IN THE MIDST OF PAIN and my next book is in the hands of a publisher now awaiting to be published. the name of that book is THE COURAGE TO BE BLIND, P.S. I LIKE YOUR POST MY LIFE RELATES TO IT BECAUSE I AM BLIND AND LIVE IN SO MUCH PAIN ON A DAILY BASIS

  3. I especially like this line.
    “We shared humor and intelligence alike and found trust in one another which is where the battle of morals vs. desires proved to be precarious”

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. Thanks for checking out Remnbrandt’s Hand or I never would have found you. I’m classic bi-polar even before they knew what to call it. So I was just distrubed. Great writing. Look forward to seeing more.>KB

    • Melinda,
      This brought tears to my eyes, when i read this comment for the first time it brought me joy and pride in myself and i thank you for alowig me to feel these things. Your blog is amazing and has a great purpose and i am so happy you and I were able to cross paths. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You really need to put this into poem form and enter it into some poetry contests. You definitely are an artist of prose. Your visuals are so unique. Your style is sharp, raw and emotional. I really enjoy reading your work.

  6. Deep, deep emotion in this piece. I like the way you write. Thanks for following my blog…I think I’ll return the favor. Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

  7. Marvelously written. Truly the battlefield is in the mind, yet without the wrestling there would be no mountain to conquer; no growth.

  8. Another spoken word piece! I read through this without feeling the need for punctuation, still the words made sense like art carefully painted and every molecule of the fibre which formed the canvas for this work of art given was a specific purpose; one which it carried out to the letter. Fine fine skill with the write-up.

  9. Ah, the age old conflict between Morals and Desires… We all dance this dance and it’s a hard one to get right when we get flush with emotion. Nice writing on this tough subject.

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