It could very well be catastrophic when the elevation of a thought brings a whole new meaning to that which you once knew, shining a light on how little was seen in the past when you were merely unable to recognize or deconstruct the composition as you lacked the necessary comprehension of the deeds once done and the mindlessness of how life begun. Just wake this statue from wasting the damaged days struck by this helpless slumber taunting the abyss of this mind we carry just above our frail shoulders Bearing the weight of what was once innocence or rather ignorance. The silence of the broken words and the drunken delicate stumble of the not so subtlety slurred verbs. I have been pent up in this divine lack of dignity and self-respect choosing to brave the luxury and disregard the simple but evident facts. I see your eyes, the eyes of the majority gazing and glancing around sticking their glares where they should not reside to just float through the air that we all inimitably share. We are all just under one another’s scrutiny peering upon our pasts gawking at the mistakes and emphasizing our failures to hide any clue as to individuality. There is strength in the pop culture that brings us to the current State of beliefs and belonging that was originally created by the minority but has been overwhelmed now by the majority and our true culture has been lost and replaced by the hipster bike peddlers, the Veggie burger believers, the pan handling pregnant teenage love singers and the mass media motivators. Where is the music, where are the words, where is the thought provoking and rejuvenating depth of the world? Start overanalyzing every thought you think till you can no longer instead of excusing your thoughts with the over popular phrase “it is what it is” just to be able to move forward and on with your life. You are plainly not forcing yourself to feel and believe and see the profound person that one could be.

17 thoughts on “Ignorance.

  1. I am 61–no I’m the only one of my generation who will begrudginly admit he did not go to Woodstock. But I enjoyed the sweetness of the “American Spring.” I do believe we have lost something–change is not always progress–sometimes sitting still is progress of the most profound kind.If you get a chance and want to you might like a piece I did last week called We, the People. Just give it a few hours I have some revisions to make. I’m sure we will talk more.

  2. Love these words. Your past may have many dark spaces, but I can see in your words the strength that has brought you through.

  3. …your moments. so full of life, pain and joy kissing each other as they pass in your day…to me that is moving forward…I like your words, I will let them dance in my head and decide what I see…much respect…

  4. Acceptance and letting go are probably the two biggest themes in life. Only until we accept, we can begin to change how we respond (if we choose to do so). Thoughts only have as much power as we give them.

    They make a good tool, but a horrible master. Taking a step inward often illuminates a gap between thoughts to see they have no power over you. Keep it up, Our narrator inside starts very confused and what seems to be chaotic. but give it time and it becomes a quiet powerful ally which helps overcome obstacles that may seem to be in the way.

  5. I have been pent up in this divine lack of dignity and self-respect – great line and one that many relate to (as I am certain they do to the rest of this piece). Your thoughts on overanyilising are familiar, try and take a step back, focuss on the important things, you are a talented individual who clearly works hard and provides as a super parent (I think you should order yourself a cape). Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  6. like i always said..life is a journey. sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. sometimes we are healthy, sometimes we got ill.

    ..just try to wake up every morning and walk your way to happiness and try to get wisdom in every little things that are happening to us

  7. I like the way you use the words, and making them into a sentence, but I also has a feeling of cold, that I am stared like a passerby, and you, the calm observer.


  8. You have reached a very high level of your Conscious Self as expressed in this piece. Why don’t consider to sing?
    I have an answer for this one “:Where is the music, where are the words, where is the thought provoking and rejuvenating depth of the world?”
    Not sure what genre of music you prefer but I do like the message of this tune. Switchfoot: Thrive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfhNUKCgv_A
    My consciousness is putting something together after being inspired by this tune. Hope it speaks to you as well. They’ve got many similar inspiring tunes. I’m not quite a fan but if music inspires, let the vibes flow.
    peace & thanks for sharing.

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