My Saving Grace.

I heard my baby girl waking up in tears so I rushed in to see what was wrong and she said mommy I had a bad dream so I laid down next to her and she she says mommy will you sing me a song, so I tuck her back in, kiss her forehead and sing her a lullaby, she is so tired but still musters up the energy to clap for me, then rubs her face into my shoulder and says beautiful mommy just one more please, so I lean over and quietly whisper in her ear, just one more then it’s back to sleep. I sing one more little song then kiss her goodnight and she wraps her tiny arms around my neck and says I love you mommy, goodnight. 

Those little picture perfect moments are the reason I get up every morning, I swear that little girl was sent straight from heaven to watch over me, God must have told her to raise a little hell and give her mommy some grief but also be my saving grace. 


34 thoughts on “My Saving Grace.

  1. I often wonder if I’m overdue to be a parent (not that it’s an realistic option at the moment). As my mother always tells me, “You can never imagine life with them until you have one. Then you cannot imagine life without them.”

  2. It is our job to love them, protect them, nurture them, teach them … and in return, they offer us the very same in return.

    *smile* this was precious, and took me back to moments with my own kids at tender ages. Thanks!

  3. It is no exaggeration to say that my daughter has saved my life many times. When it feels like depression is getting the best of me, I think of her and hold on tight.

  4. Glad to hear something so precious can make a life worth living. It’s funny how innocence creates a sense of loving and responsibility that you would never dare give up. I have almost 20 nieces and nephews, but no kids of my own, however I love kids and yes, they make me happy. =)

    Thanks for taking the time to like my post “Birth”. Take care!

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  6. That’s lovely!! I don’t have kids, but i can at least begin to imagine what you must be feeling. I wish you all the best and may the Universe bring you manifold the joy you speak of! 🙂

  7. I love your stories, so inspiring , I’m also a mom and I can relate 🙂 I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, keep posting , love reading your thoughts ♥

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