Wild Life

Lend me your naive eyes

So I can see your deep blue skies

Take my hand through thick green fields

And wash away my worn out shield

Strip me of this aging mind

Please show me what is left to find

Chase me round the river bend

And throw your arms around my neck

Trip and stumble then fall down

Yes show me how you hit the ground

Then place your ear upon my chest

While daring me to take a breath

Spread your arms with hopes of flight

Taking on this wild life

Then steal my armor piece by piece

Till’ nothings left but the truth of me



39 thoughts on “Wild Life

  1. This is beautiful Naomi, wow I can so relate to this. When poetry and words bring me honestly right back to my childhood then I feel so alive!
    I wrote a similar-ish poem some months ago about childhood and – I don’t know, maybe you felt/feel the same when you wrote this one – I really felt like I had travelled back in time and lived both my physical past childhood yet simultaneously experienced my inner child?
    In any case keep it up I love it!

  2. Rarely do I read anything attached to pictures that even bears remembering anymore, but this post is perhaps the most beautiful(picture and words) thing I have seen in a while.

    “Then steal my armor piece by piece

    Till’ nothings left but the truth of me”

    Absolutely Brilliant.

    I shall Be reblogging.

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  4. Beautiful poem. And I though I was reading something about a grown up couple, then I saw the picture got even more confused and then read some comments and went back to read the poem and it finally made sense. Great poem again, only a priest like me failed to notice at first about what it was, damn.

    • This poem was written with love in mind, all shapes sizes and kinds, parts of this poem were written with solely my significant other in mind and parts with my soley daughter in mind. it was written as a love poem and kind of formed into something that anyone who has ever felt love can relate to. for their husband, wife, child, brother, sister, mother, father and so on… the picture was placed because of how it relates visually… writing is bound to be inperperted right or wrong it is all about how it made you feel and what you thought of while reading. 🙂

  5. Hi Naomi, this is Bradley. You clicked “follow” on my blog and I wanted to let you know that if you’d still like to follow my blog you’ll need to go to my new address and click follow again. My address is http://www.howisbradley.com Thank you!

  6. I included a link to this poem in my blog entry about including pictures with poems. Presenting the picture after the poem, as you do, allows the poem to stand on its own. It also allows the poem to be enriched by the presence of the poem and allows the picture to be enriched by the poem.

    That aside, no one other than a devoted parent would be able to capture this specific sentiment.

  7. “Lend me your naive eyes So I can see your deep blue skies” and “Then steal my armor piece by piece Till’ nothings left but the truth of me” – such wonderful ways to phrase such wonderful images. I love this.

  8. You are magnanimously gifted Naomi! Wonderful poetry and any poet who shares the same life experience as you, will inherently identify. I have loved reading your work and relate so well. I am a survivor of MST and struggle with PTSD. Life can be tough…but for those of us who write, we simply help each other through our own experience. You have done very well. Be blessed.

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