I wish…

I wish my hands were those of a piano player, as my fingertips would brush your keys you would hear the melody of me. I wish my tears would dance like the rain, and as I wept you would stroll calmly thru. I wish my eyes would shine like a lightning strike so when I glanced at you, you would know the depth of my truths. I wish my voice was a thunderstorm and when I spoke it crackled through you…



Your gaze stops me in my tracks

That simple smile, that fierce laugh

Are the undertow of what I don’t have.


I ache though all my lanky limbs

Because when your fingers graze

Across my rough skin

It’s all I can do, to not sink within


I close my eyes, but don’t have much to share

As I imagine your perfectly windswept hair

But even when you are not, I feel you there. 

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