Complicated Confidence.

Your confidence is complicating

You walk in here with your eyes portraying

The man you like to think you are

With your fancy clothes and fancy car


You flash your smile all about

To intimidate the ones with doubt

And I too was scared at first

Until I heard you use your words.

10 thoughts on “Complicated Confidence.

  1. It’s interesting how the concept of authority can alter our behavior, and how our behavior can alter our authority. Good poem

  2. Is the person in the poem laughable with ignorance or lovable with the softness of his tone-or something else entirely? I do like this piece. It brings to light the mask some people wear and how very different they truly are.

    • The person is the poem i suppose is a little bit of both kevin, he was as ignorant and arrogant as he first appeared to be but quickly became knowledgeable and Soft, refer to Morals Vs Desire a post from awhile ago written about the same type of person. 🙂 thank you for you kind words and taking the time to read and comment on my post.

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