God’s Front Door.

The sky lingers grey

As the evergreens sway

And the wind sweeps on thru

With all my pictures of you

Now I’ve got nothing,

And nothing to lose.


So I stand with my feet at the edge

My toes hang over, I live on this ledge

As dark falls around I stand so still

Spreading my arms and fighting my will.


I gently close my eyes and pray

As the soothing breeze cools my face

My cheeks still red with contempt and desire

My souls a wreck and my hearts on fire.


The depth of the storm is creeping in

As the icy rain caresses my skin

I see the rivers rush from the mountaintop

And now my choices can’t be stopped


The sun bares the weight of my life begun

As I breathe it in, snow falls on my tongue

Yes I have seen this view before

There is only one last step to God’s front door.

32 thoughts on “God’s Front Door.

  1. First. thanks for the “follow” on “theworminmyapple.com” . Considering your writings you might be more interested in “depressionsgift.com”, my other blog. Now, about your blog. Wow! You are a great writer. I’m glad I found you. My understanding of what God’s word says is that God never wants us to come to Him at our own hand. He’s the one that makes those calls.

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  3. Beautiful but a bit scary, all I can think is come away from the edge!! Such immediacy to your writing. Favorite line: “I see the rivers rush from the mountaintop.”

  4. But we must let God decide when we take that step. My Mom lived a long life and went to her bed 5 months ago. She would have loved to just step into heaven but God told her “later” so she rested in His care until this week when she, smiling, praising God stepped into eternity with Jesus.

  5. Thank you for reading my blog and deciding to follow me. Please keep writing and letting those emotions out. The release of your poetry is almost tangible with the emotions it evokes. Beautiful imagery.

  6. The pain comes through in this… and I pray for you that it is only a poetic projection. God’s front door is to step back from that edge, turn and live… I understand about edges. They are seductive, as Frost said,” the woods are lovely dark and deep”… but they are not where he ultimately stops on that snowy evening.. and moves to.

  7. I am glad you didn’t enter that door! Your daughter will make it worth while that you turned away from the edge and chose the scene of “safe ground”. keep writing, it is a great release valve for the mind and soul.

  8. I really like the juxtaposition of the first two lines of the last stanza that lead to the last line “Only one last step to God’s Front Door.” That is a great word image. I really could feel myself in the journey. Good stuff, keep it coming

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