(No one has ever died from a broken heart) Or So They Say.

When you have love secreting from your pores it is easy to feel as though all is lost when that no longer remains. The love still comes just as it did before however when the object of your affection is missing, that love just recklessly spews out leaving nothing but an obvious void. I wonder at times how people carry on, is it because most do not shoulder emotion with such measure? It is not that the loss is so great that it has left me paralyzed but that time itself has become immeasurable and life will likely languish in misery. Not life in its entirety but the glorious wave of sentiment that comes and goes, which is where many of us unwittingly define our lives.


11 thoughts on “(No one has ever died from a broken heart) Or So They Say.

  1. I’ve been told that “time heals all wounds” but this is simply not true. When it comes to a broken heart – the open wounds may mend, but the scars they leave still ache from time to time.

  2. When love exudes expecting “expectations”—for lack of a better term—I assume love is incomplete. For the very act of loving will leave you loved. Objects soon become unnecessary with this realization.

    All these sweet nonsense been said, I still think it is very difficult to practice such love while we are yet human; for it will require a particular [human] exhibiting traits of the sum total [humanity].

  3. I think that people do best when they have faith, and believe in a power greater than themselves. Most of the negative parts of life are not a forever state of being, or the final outcome. Many things can be turned around, repaired, or healed. People hurt the most when they cannot see another path ahead. Sometimes, after bad, we can actually see the good that came from it.

  4. I have seen where people have died from a broken heart. I thought I would, but I haven’t. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt and you never get over it.

  5. Strong emotions are better than none, even pain reminds me of being alive and once gone a zombie life takes over. Love runs out, eventually, it just runs out.

  6. I wish I could say something brilliantly wise, good and helpful. I live with a broken heart–the pain ambushes me frequently. But being a poet at least produces something from the ashes.

  7. A broken heart can kill. It can also open us up to unfathomable depths which emerge from time to time. Each experience is individual though it may have things in common with other one’s experiences. We cant define others reality or response to being hurt and broken by loss, betrayal, leaving or death. But that experience can be used as a doorway and as an experience which opens us to deep sea diving, if we are willing to go there. A broken heart can also enlarge us.

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