Imagine a world.

Imagine a world where love is the only thing that holds true worth, the value of love is immeasurable and this beautiful feeling was recognized for what it is by each and every person, the sole reason for existence.

I always imagined a life with grand opportunity
Even knowing that the truth lives within me
where one thousand men stood at my walls
holding them up until God would call
the oceans would stop at the foot of my door
and i would feel him call, call me for more
i was surrounded by people who felt little worth
because we are each so small in this world of girth
but one by one i built them up
and my heart became the worlds love
for feeling like we have nothing is just not true
because the world has me but more importantly they have you
so as you smile and your days go on
remember the ones who have done you wrong
and though they may need more than just this
know its less important to receive than it is to give
No i am not sitting here, holy as day
i speak only knowing my own mistakes
and life is a beauty as broken as we come
know we each deserve more, we all deserve love.


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