If I asked you to speak, say anything you want the world to hear, what would it be?

I’ve got something to say, we’ve all got something to say. If I asked you to speak, say anything you want the world to hear, what would it be?

Especially here, on WordPress of all places, I feel like we are all filled with the need to be heard, to share and to express. I am asking those of you out there who are listening/reading to share with me what it is you would want the world to know if the world could hear you, if they could all read your words. what is it that you would share with all of the human race. Please comment below and share with me, and the world what you want or need them to hear, to understand, to know…

i have already opened this conversation up to those people in my everyday life as well as my social media account and have had a great deal of responses thus far and would like to continue this project and open it up to my wordpress community in hopes that we all find someone is listening, and we can all see what the human race really wants from one another, for ourselves, for our children for everyone.

(lets see what we all have inside of us to share with the world and once the project is complete i will share it with all of you, thank you in advance for anyone who chooses to share their wish, desire, thought, opinion, beliefs, hopes and so on here in this post)

It was a normal Monday morning everything was going along as it usually does for me as i pulled up to my office building where i held my office job i realized for the umpteenth time that my job makes me miserable. i thought to myself how happy and blessed i am in so many aspects of my life yet my soul still feels so cold and empty day in and day out as i pull up to work, walk to my desk, sit behind a computer screen for four hours, take my lunch break, sit at a park around the corner, return 30 minutes later and sit behind that same computer screen for the remaining four hours of my day.

REALLY? is this really where i am in my life at 26 years old, sitting at a desk just as i did when i was a kid with my head in the cloud and my thoughts moving upward and beyond? Absolutely, this is exactly where i am in my life. As hard as it is to admit and come to terms with, it is the truth. There is no point in denying it or running from it, because the truth will never fail to find you in the end. So as i sat there feeling like there had to be more, i grabbed my pad of paper and pen and this is all i could find to write ” I’ve got something to say, we’ve all got something to say. If I asked you to speak, say anything you want the world to hear, what would it be?” its as if i was asking myself to speak, and that is exactly what i was doing. As i thought about this statement, this question i realized that if i was feeling this way i was probably not the only one feeling this way, in fact everyone i have ever known has at one point in time has expressed the feeling of not being heard. so i decided to pose the question to everyone in my address book and on my social media page allowing those who have in the past felt this way or feel this way now or will ever be left feeling unheard in the future, To be heard, if by no one else,  by me.

However once this question got started and people began sharing their life advice for the human race, their opinions, their love, everything. something changed and there was an uplifting feeling brought to light. this simple question can show us how alike we all are and how different we all are at the same time and it can change perspectives which is the most amazing thing about it.

If you choose to comment and share, know that you will be heard. please put your first and last name in the comment if you do not want to share your name, you can choose to put solely your first name or “Anonymous”.

Lets see what you have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


52 thoughts on “If I asked you to speak, say anything you want the world to hear, what would it be?

  1. Life is too short for quarrels or wars. Let us just try to be good and be happy to ourselves and to everyone else!!! Thanks for the follow.Looking forward to reading your blogs. Have a beautiful day!

  2. In 2015 i wrote the following for myself, perhaps some of it can apply to others.
    Let others know who I really am. What I am passionate about. Where I go when I die. That I loved them.

    Simple. Truth. Fact.

    Don’t stay in the darkness too long. Inspire others and make a life that matters.

  3. I would want the world to hear that we can no longer continue to “mind our business” and say that we Love. We cannot continue to think we are not capable of being an agent of change, when we all have some power within. We cannot put an end to racism as long as we continue to classify race. We can no longer keep living in the lie that their is race, because again I promise if we all check our DNA not one of us is made up of one race- therefore we are all bi-racial and thus race only exists as far as we continue to teach it. Yes we should celebrate our culture and ALL that comes with it, but at the end of the day, I really want my race to be AMERICAN – that’s all that’s it. Especially when the youth of toady are clearly showing all things transcends color.

    I want the world to know that although there is a difference between men and women- women deserve to be treated equally and fairly- as well as respected- so tired of the double standards that come with gender from every facet- Each person should be able to live according to the “rules’ of their household without feeling compelled to uphold some image or role.

    I would want the world to know that we will heal from all the ugly things we experience in this world once we stop aiming to fix what’s clearly broken, honestly stand for the things we know are right, and just be honest about all the things that are within.

    It is known that change starts within so if we truly desire change then when are we going to look within, understanding that we ALL need help with something in Life if not many things. I would want the world to know that everything we see is bigger than it shows including yourself so think big but be humble. I would want this world to know that in all my ‘meanness” I aim to Love more than I allow to show but I do have a deep anger towards some things I experience and see in this world. I would want the world to know that I am a proud work in progress and I am not writing this letter as if I am not FLAWED.

    Sincerely Niki Alston- and I promise I look within -so I am comfortable sharing my name and my thoughts out

    Thank You for opening up this opportunity to be heard- Have a Happy Tuesday

  4. If I Samuel Wagura were to be heard this is what I’d have to say….

    Judge not and ye shall not be judged but truth is however good or bad you are society will judge you irrespective, careful little eye what you see but should you see then learn from it and what you hear let it not drown you into fear, we are what we perceive, like one fish thrown back into the water we can be change and we need no approval from this global village, we just need guts strong enough to hold the contents of our bowels.

  5. I have been dealing with a lot right now. More than I could express in a comment. However, I would like to tell the world that no matter how hard the situation you are going through right now, look for the joy and happiness in it. God has our life planned down to the milliseconds, and He has a purpose for you and for me. We all just have to wait and pray until the purpose becomes clear. Please do not waste each and everyday by having a frown on your face. It is not worth it. Put a smile on your face, you never know who might need a smile today.

  6. How is my message to the world to be delivered? Would everyone just all of a sudden hear a disembodied voice? Or would our answers be delivered by post? I think, the miracles having been sorted out, that I would say ” legalize drugs . Anarchy is reality” but the method of delivery system if not by disembodied voice might alter my choice of words

  7. My name is Parker Smith, and to be perfectly honest,I’m not sure what I’d say.

    I might want to discuss the difficulty of finding profound things that are worth telling the world when I live such a mundane life. I might just decry that mundanity.

    Maybe I’d say something about my atheism, though I’m not so attached to that concept that I’d feel the need to push it on literally everyone else in the world.

    Maybe I’d just tell people how desperately I want to mean something to the world, though I feel incredibly small and meaningless.

    You know what, though? I think the thing I’d like people to consider more than anything else in the world is this simple phrase: “Don’t be a dick.”

    I think the world would be a much better place if that phrase guided everyone’s day-to-day interactions.

  8. I would like to say to everyone that they are never alone. They are deeply loved and cared for. There is immeasurable love and compassion within all of us. All we need to do is reach out.

  9. quite the challenge…wonderful! i’ll go with what a quote in my valentine’s day post…”Whatever you know or don’t know, only love is real.” ~ Rumi

  10. do we all not live within our lifetime,can we not see what has happened in the past, do we not know that major change comes slowly. when the bad and evil make their rush, we all know it is for personal gain. and when they have gotten wha they are looking for , some one badder will seek to take it back from them. SO “They” have not only the people to fight, “they have to live looking over their shoulder. “They will occasionally take a swipe at the good, to terrorize to make us week. The only thing I can not understand, is why so few of them have the power. to cower the masses who as a whole detest them. “those” folks do not recognize rules, so how do we grab their attention and shake them.I believe that the time will come when evil is not quite so profitable. That time is a long way yet to come, as long as the power of money rules the norm. Someday when all people are of color, since that genetic code is dominate, and the timid will rise and fight cowardly evil, then peace be on earth till it is rendered asunder. What I am trying to say in my lackluster way, I wish everyone peace and family, even though our troubles are not divided equally. Good Luck to All and may all good folk be Blessed williamleeone

  11. i would say ‘here i am and this is what i need and this is what i can offer’ so that people could see the real me and not be scared away by the illnesses. And i would say ‘world, you are unjust!! stop marginalizing things just because they fall out of the first standard deviation–just because you are unfamiliar and scared of anything you do not already understand. Stop pushing those with mental illness, with disabilities, with different shades of skin, with different choices for romantic partners, those in poverty to the fringes of society where it is known we will never be able leave, to move up, to have a better life. World, embrace all of your children. Give all the same advantages and do not discriminate on these and other factors. ‘

  12. Live. The world is not perfect. So are you. So am I. So are other people. Things, people, events all pass. Sometimes you’ll succeed. Other days would be less better. But live. Fight and be alive. It’s not easy but live. Don’t take things for granted.

    Learn. From people. From experiences. Don’t stop learning even after school. Learning is growth. Keep your thoughts and ideas alive. Ideas live longer than most tangible things in this world.

    Laugh. It’s not easy all the time. But when you can, do so. Smile. Laugh. 🙂

  13. Build a positive zeitgeist!! Change the world!!! Stop producing too many kids!!! Manage things with intelligence!! Stop chopping down trees!!! Prevent cruelty!!! Animals have feelings!! We need our wilderness!! Stop destroying the planet!! Love one another!! Build compassion!!
    Wow!! – It is endless But that’s what Opher’s World is all about!! Thanks for the follow!!
    Best wishes

  14. Be open minded, about everything and everyone. Words and half baked opinions can destroy understanding and peace, for you and others.

    And give peas a chance.

  15. Fear will only hold you back from doing what God has called you to do. Be strong and courageous to do anything, say anything, be transparent to the world. Never let fear stop you. Peace, Linda

  16. We all deserve to live our lives in contentment, have all our needs met and to live free from judgment from anyone else- and together, we have the power to achieve these goals. I want everyone to remember that every single one of us is enough, just as we are. With love and light.x

  17. Life is short. It is shorter than you think. We don’t know when our life as it is will be gone, and we will be in Eternity somewhere., either heaven or hell. We have a choice, and we choose which way we will go. I make choices daily. I can have a lazy day in my retirement, or I can work on my book, and write on Word Press. Some days I don’t accomplish much. I am too tired. I am a preacher’s wife. I hear all kinds of comments, and people make all kinds of statements. I have the right to walk with freedom, without being cautious about what I say, or who I have spoken, or not spoken to during the day. I get up early, and maintain my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It is not a religious thing, as much as taking the time to talk, and read the Word of God. Yet, as a minister’s wife, there are times when I know that someone is talking and stirring up trouble. It makes me mad, sad, and aggravated. Let me walk with God, and if you don’t want to talk with me, that is fine. I am not scared to talk with anyone, but I have the right to state my opinion, and to be heard. I am a church member, a pastor’s wife, and a citizen of the united States of America. What really is bothering me is that there are little, foxes that cause a whole lot of trouble for no reason. I don’t believe in peace at all cost, but I do believe in taking a person for face value, and the first thoughts are ones of sheer trust. This is an evil world, but everyone is not evil. I believe the Holy Spirit would give me discernment, if I am being a danger to people by not speaking, but keeping busy. I have unloaded. Preacher’s wives are human. Everyone is human. It matters to me that my relationship with God is right, not that all my friends are really my friends. It does alarm me when I see one who is distrusting.

  18. First: I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and follow my blog. I appreciate your support. I love your challenge to say to the world what is in our hearts. This is what I would tell the world. Love is the key to everything. Love yourself, you will be a happier person for it. Love your neighbour, you will be a more empathetic person for it. Love those you do not love you, you will be a more compassionate person for it. In love and light Cheryle

  19. My heart is not constant on which thoughts it holds onto. 🙂 So today I would want to tell the world that Stay-At-Home-Moms are not simple or kept. Challenge all the stereotypes you know and trust. Question all authority and seek truth. Take time to get to know the people in your lives and put down the iDevice! If you live your life plugged in and are content with just electronic affection, CHANGE!

  20. I would have to say, what I always do.
    Don’t assume you know what someone is going through. Don’t judge their journey. And don’t ever make someone feel like their unworthy of love.

  21. I would say to God: Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Because that is what O want for myself and for everyone else on this planet.

    And what a nice idea you have here.

  22. Dear World: Pain kills, too. Don’t hate me because I need drugs to help me manage chronic pain. Drugs are just chemicals, neither good nor bad, saintly or evil. Drugs are not the reason your son overdosed, or why your daughter is promiscuous. And drugs aren’t always used just as an escape; mostly, they’re used as medications, even if some use is without an expensive doctor’s prescription.

    The good that drugs do in the world completely overshadows the bad. They give life — but they can also take it. I cannot stress enough how important it is to know everything there is to know about a drug before you take it. Education not criminalization. Which do you think has been the bigger failure, the War on Terror or the Drug War?

    And one more thing… about trust. As the world has gotten bigger, it’s become harder to trust people — there’s so many of us, so many strangers. We look different, talk different, believe in different things. But there is no escaping the fact that we are all human beings, we all belong to the same family of human DNA; and we are not meant to be solitary animals. So, we need to be able to trust, even as we fear it.

    As Noise Pollution so eloquently stated above, please, just… “Don’t be a dick.”

    No. More. Drug. War. Sincerely, Johnna Stahl in New Mexico, U.S.A.

  23. I am yelling to the world this :respect your neighbour and his/her right to silence, don’t judge others without knowing their life story before, be kind and understanding to each other. So being so selfish! Don’t destroy the planet and don’t mistreat animals. Don’t be arrogant and rude to stick people because one day you might be in their situation. Stop lying to your friends. Parents love all your children equally and listen to what they have to tell you.
    There’s so much I wanted to say but truth is that at the age of 41 with a chronic illness I am fed up with people and tired of what they are becoming, such selfishness, rudeness and arrogance!

  24. Surrendering one’s life to Christ God is freeing of ones’ self; selfishness in a relationship is the first step to ending the relationship; you can’t be a friend to your child when they are young, you must love them and teach them. However, you can be a great friend later in life when they become parents — for then they will understand. Forgiveness is as much for you as it is for the person that did you wrong.

  25. I would tell the world that they are loved infinitely by an all-powerful God, no matter what they have or haven’t done, regardless of race, age, language or gender; I would tell them that they are not alone and that Jesus is God, almighty and forgiving. I would tell everyone that violence is the most futile thing in the world and that no matter what we are all loved and forgiven.

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