Lets face it, Together.

Well let’s face it,

I am unwell

But I am well acquainted with this notion

Which you can easily tell

So Fear not for me

Please do not dwell

Rock bottom is my very own personal hell.

Madness is a monster

And my mind just needs some time

While I strip myself,

Myself of all my selfish grime

And the battle is what I live for

So I wont lose my life,

But who’s to say when one will,

Or will not die.


God’s Front Door.

The sky lingers grey

As the evergreens sway

And the wind sweeps on thru

With all my pictures of you

Now I’ve got nothing,

And nothing to lose.


So I stand with my feet at the edge

My toes hang over, I live on this ledge

As dark falls around I stand so still

Spreading my arms and fighting my will.


I gently close my eyes and pray

As the soothing breeze cools my face

My cheeks still red with contempt and desire

My souls a wreck and my hearts on fire.


The depth of the storm is creeping in

As the icy rain caresses my skin

I see the rivers rush from the mountaintop

And now my choices can’t be stopped


The sun bares the weight of my life begun

As I breathe it in, snow falls on my tongue

Yes I have seen this view before

There is only one last step to God’s front door.


Strike a match on the box and watch it burn

A small flame like ours just fighting to be heard

We turned our love into a wildfire

We saw it flourish and never thought it would tire

Felt it burn this city down

But as the rain came fallin’ we watched it burn out.

Complicated Confidence.

Your confidence is complicating

You walk in here with your eyes portraying

The man you like to think you are

With your fancy clothes and fancy car


You flash your smile all about

To intimidate the ones with doubt

And I too was scared at first

Until I heard you use your words.

I wish…

I wish my hands were those of a piano player, as my fingertips would brush your keys you would hear the melody of me. I wish my tears would dance like the rain, and as I wept you would stroll calmly thru. I wish my eyes would shine like a lightning strike so when I glanced at you, you would know the depth of my truths. I wish my voice was a thunderstorm and when I spoke it crackled through you…



Your gaze stops me in my tracks

That simple smile, that fierce laugh

Are the undertow of what I don’t have.


I ache though all my lanky limbs

Because when your fingers graze

Across my rough skin

It’s all I can do, to not sink within


I close my eyes, but don’t have much to share

As I imagine your perfectly windswept hair

But even when you are not, I feel you there. 

Wires Crossed.

Somehow, someway some wires must have crossed

Because my soul lacks of feeling and I keep getting lost

There is a great distance from my heart to my mind

Now graciously pumping emotions through my blood line.

Girl in a box.

Alienated, lost and nervous

Thinking this world is no more

And no more is a circus

Found on the floor

Just bent and distorted

The girl in a box

She’s crying and hurtin’ 

Her heart is so heavy

She’s trying, she learnin’